Oak Mountain and High Point

On our October 2021 trip we went camping at Oak Mountain and had a great time. When we arrived we discovered that some recent floods and storms had caused damage to our favorite campsite with the footbridge to half of the site raised 10 feet in the air by a fallen tree.

We set up camp in a different way and had a good night’s sleep with a little rain. In the morning one of our scouts ran a 5K while the others spent a few hours orienteering.

Saturday afternoon we returned to our campsite to do some repairs. We cleared many fallen limbs and culverts under the road. The adults also worked to get the bridge off the root ball using makeshift levers and pullies. The scouts then finished the repair to make the bridge even better than it had been for years.

After a great campfire and great weather for sleeping, we packed up the campsite on Sunday morning and drove over to Highpoint Climbing to have some fun.